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All products chemiczne są pakowane w szczelnie zamknięte pojemniki o pojemości: 30L, 200L i 1000L.


The agents for cleaning and sediment/carbon deposit removal from internal combustion engines and conductors. SUPER MOTOR is water solution of biodegradable surface active agents which allow for transformation of oils, lubricants and other non-easily removable sediments on metal and ceramic surfaces as well as plastics into water emulsions. The product is fully biodegradable.

SUPER TAX- Środek do czyszczenia kostki brukowej

Low-foamy agent for washing cisterns, removing oils, lubricants and other waste from metal surfaces (internal-combustion engines, wires, workshop floors etc.) SUPER MOTOR NP. is a water solution of biodegradable active surface agents enabling the tranformation of oils, lubricants and other petrochemical products into the water form eliminating the risk of explosion. The product can be used for cleaning the surface of devices, machines, engines, tanks and other painted or not painted products. It does not damage metal surfaces, polymers, seals, lacquers, glasses. It is non-toxic, easy and safe to use as well as effective. It is not inconvenient in both washing technology as well as environment protection it can be used in shipyards, ships to wash engines, decks, machinery room, in railway and car stock company as well as for individual cleaning of greasy surfaces. It contains corrosion inhibitor. The agent is an alternative for highly effective commonly used washing liquids, based on organic dissolvents. The product is fully biodegradable.


The substance applicable in cleaning heavy contaminated surfaces and removal of organic and non-organic deposits. SUPER TAX is acid substance appropriate for removal of carbon deposits, iron, calcium carbonates and calcium sulphates (hydrous stone) , protein remains from contaminated surfaces. The product is fully biodegradable.


It is degreasing substance applicable for removal of deposits from heavy contaminated floors, tools and engines. SUPER FLO is dark - brown fluid with solvent-like smell applicable for removal of grease deposits and tarnish from tools, floors, engines etc. The product is fully biodegradable.


The product is a non-foamy washing agent. Special Floor/F can be used as a detergent for removing ink, permanent markers’ marks, greasy dirt andstain after the use of trolleys. As a concentrate it can be used for washing floors or as an agent before washing as a pre-treatment. The product is fully biodegradable.


The substance applicable in food industry, appropriate for all types of surface like floors, PCV panels etc. The substance is low-foaming. SUPER UNIVERSAL is biodegradable water solution allowing for transformation of oils and lubricants into emulsions. Warm water increases washing efficiency. Chemical and physical properties: it does not contain acids and caustic substances, it does not influence machine tools, it maintains its properties in case of freezing. The product is fully biodegradable.

Ultra Clean Disinfect

The mixture of surface active agents, disinfecting and complexing substances. Specialist foamy disinfectant for washing in the food industry, used for all types of surfaces as well as smoking chambers. Retains proper pH and phosphate in sewage. The product is fully biodegradable.

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